Bnot Chaya Academy, is a unique high school that combines
unconditional love and therapeutic support with a stellar academic program, molding confident, capable students commited to being a productive member of the Jewish community.

The girls who come to BCA have faced many challenges — these teens are the ones continually left behind, the ones catapulted from most neighborhood schools and oftentimes rejected by their own families and communities.

Until 2008, these girls had nowhere to go.

Founded six years ago, Bnot Chaya Academy was created to fill the dire need. A Brooklyn-based girls’ high school and dormitory with legendary mechanech Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein at its helm that would welcome all students regardless of their struggles.

BCA’s student body represents every hue on the spectrum: some are former Bais Yaakov students; others were raised in less religious environments. Many hail from mainstream frum homes where their parents grapple with the "child-at-risk" stigma; some from families characterized by acute dysfunction—and are in desperate need of functional living arrangements. But regardless of background or circumstance, at BCA, girls with nowhere to turn are embraced. At BCA, they are afforded an exemplary education—and a safe, supportive haven where they can grow and succeed.

Bnot Chaya Academy
1012 Avenue I
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718.307.5575
Fax: 718.717.8275
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